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Day Workshop - Loosening up For Painters Improvers

Day Workshop - Loosening up For Painters Improvers

Whether lockdown has given you opportunity to be creative, or has kept you from your favourite classes we are now offering a range of inspiring art workshops in a different format…. To ‘dip your toe in the water’ or ‘get back on the horse’, with our friendly, knowledgeable tutor, Liana. A whole day gives you the chance experiment, explore then apply your skills to a painting. All in the company of fellow artists, as we rebuild our lovely arts community. There are limited spaces [6 as we go to press] so don’t delay! Join us!

‘The best teacher I’ve ever had’ B.N.

LOOSENING UP FOR PAINTERS Improvers [all media]

Whatever your painting medium, we can all be guilty of adding too much detail or becoming ‘tight’ in our painting strangling the life out of a composition. Affected by lessons at school, our self criticism or just plain fear of spoiling our work we hold back and don’t realise our full potential. This is a day of ‘going for it’!  Becoming conscious of what stops us and relaxing into a playful state where we have a go at lots of unusual exercises …… until our bodies and minds know how to allow us to be freer and create something wonderful!

10.30 to 4.30pm £57 A materials list will be provided.

Wednesday 16 Dec 202010:30 Book Now