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Night Photography Workshop

Night Photography Workshop

This photography session gets you playing with shutter speeds in manual mode to create abstract photographs using available light sources on location, we will capture light trails and vehicle headlights moving in an otherwise still scene. This session is so much fun and is a great way to get you used to using manual mode without worrying about the final result. The abstract nature of the images means there's no 'correct' settings, it's just down to personal preference, but we will explore how the different settings alter the result we get in camera, which will in turn help you with other areas of photography.

We will specifically look at the following:

       How to Work with Available Light

       How to Use Manual Mode

       Understanding Shutter Speed

       Understanding Aperture

       Understanding ISO

       Using a Tripod

       Using Timers

       Analysing Images

       Working with Colours

For this session you will need to bring warm clothes, gloves are especially useful and appropriate footwear as you will likely be standing still on cold ground for a while. Please also bring your camera, a tripod, a clear memory card and a charged battery with you. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen to make notes from the session.

Course Led by Photography Tutor Gemma Varney

£40.00, capacity 6

Thursday 19 Nov 202018:00 Book Now