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Discovering Oil Pastels

Discovering Oil Pastels

Are you ready to get out there and capture summer subjects? it's a great time as lockdown lifts to re-engage with nature and we are lucky as artists that we can do that through our creativity. Our popular resident tutor ,Liana, will lead you through these  new workshops with her usual patience ,humour and knowledge to give you the skills and ideas to experiment indoors and out.

Very clear demonstrationsand very encouraging attitude,always finding something positive' N.F

Oil Pastels seem to be one of the most contentious of art mediums, a real marmite subject-you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. More than any other medium, beginners are often frustrated with their results. Yet with a little know how they can be invaluable in mixed media work and produce a range as delicate as watercolour or as rich as an oil painting. They are wonderfully vibrant, compact and easy to carry. This makes them the perfect convenient pigment to work with ‘plein air[see on] or to take on holiday. They also encourage a boldness and looseness in the ‘tightest’ of painters, come on give them a try!

10.30-4.30 £60 A materials list will be provided.

Wednesday 25 Aug 202110:30 Book Now