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The Treason Show

The Treason Show

The Treason Show is back with its trademark slick and irreverent satire based on the news and

current affairs.

With brand new topical comedy sketches written by a team of over 30 writers and starring the

cream of Britain’s comedy talent, The Treason Show takes what’s in the news and “spin it into

comedy gold”.

Now in its 22nd year, with more editions than ‘Booozo’ Johnsons Downing Street parties.

This blistering, fast paced, punchline driven satirical comedy show impales the great and good with wit and panache. Have I Got News For You crossed with Spitting Image via Not the Nine

O’Clock News.

“Savagely funny- fantastically silly” The Guardian

“Multi-talented        performers-fast,        witty,        topical        and        surreal        with a few million laughs” THE LATEST.

“The savagery of  HIGNFY mixed        saucy acting and gleeful        music,        these Hloorboard terrorists could        give The        Thick of        It a run for their        money.”         SOURCE.

“An arsenal of acute writing and a great versatile cast bring the crowd to rapture. The sketches come as thick and fast as the laughs” THE ARGUS

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