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Painting with Inks

Painting with Inks

PAINTING WITH INKS. NEW! (Watercolours or acrylics based -for all)

Inks are fun! Providing really clear intense pigments they can be watered to a delicate hue or layered for vivid colour. They let themselves naturally to ‘wet in wet’ techniques and to bold, vibrant work . Somehow they encourage a sense of playfulness and exploration more than some mediums which brings out creativity in us all. So whether you are ready to try a new medium, kick start your enthusiasm, or add another element to your mixed media work, this is the day to explore and create a colourful world.  

Liana offers a range of classes to tempt you to get creative. With her usual enthusiasm, humour and patience she’ll introduce you to the basics through to her unusual techniques to produce vibrant drawings and paintings. Book today to begin your journey before they sell out!

‘There are teachers,then there are inspiring teachers, Liana, you are inspiring.’ N.G.

10.30am - 4.30pm


Please note there is a booking fee of 50p per transaction in person at the Box Office, or £1, per transaction online or via the telephone.

A materials list will be available on the main web page for this event via the site

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