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Simon Evans: Have We Met? (15)

Simon Evans: Have We Met?

Simon Evans: Have We Met?

After finally solving the mystery of his existence and

true identity in Work of the Devil, Simon finds that he

has still not overcome the more daily challenges of

remembering what he came upstairs for, who these

grown-ups are that live with him (and what they have

done with his children?) and how can that footage be

from 2009, when he only bought those shoes a few

months ago?

“In Greek mythology, the Muses were the daughters of

Mnemosyne, goddess of memory - though ironically,

there is no easy way to remember her name. But

Memory was thus clearly regarded by the ancient

Greeks as the mother of the arts, wellspring of

inspiration, the compost in which imagination takes

rooty. Our last defence against tyranny, the consolation

of the just and the seat of the soul. Without memory, the

illusion of self crumbles. Mine, however, is shot. So

where does that leave me?

'A masterclass' ***** (Scotsman). 'Outstanding stuff'

****1⁄2 ( PS What have I forgotten?

Age Guidance - Strictly 14+ (likely to be swearing +adult content)

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