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MARCH 26 FLORAL STORIES -NEW! Exciting Loose flower painting and compositions.10.30- 4.30 £67 [Beginners & Improvers] Watercolour, inks, acrylics

Another perennial favourite to paint and to decorate our homes, flower painting bridges between our love of flowers and the possibility to loosen and paint in an abstracted way as we seek to capture and express more than a photo......after all we have photos to capture an image ‘as is’. As artists we can draw the viewers’ eye to what WE see, what WE enjoy particularly ...the colours, the shapes, the contrasts. Additionally we can design the composition and add our own decorative elements and background. What's not to love!

The thin, long Rigger brush will be ideal today, [not expensive, so do consider treating yourself to one or I’ll have a couple you can try].

Firstly, after a demo, we’ll practice loosening up with some wet in wet individual flowers : then consider how to place them on the page and how to build a composition that has variety and shape. You may like to try use wet medium on thick watercolour paper or canvas [see materials list below] or if you are feeling very adventurous, perhaps bring a pale, plain lampshade or cushion cover. [These must absorb your paint so do a test in a little corner]. This is going to be a very creative day!

Materials suggestions here, allow time to gather!

Come and see our new style, at a glance programme here, We have new courses and are back to fuller days and half days following your feedback. With a ‘meet the tutor’ session to get a feel for Liana’s well-structured, progressive classes [ come and ask any questions]; lots of speciality workshops with fun techniques in differing mediums and a series of ongoing courses to come and learn or improve your watercolour or acrylic painting. Hopefully there’s something for everyone, come and treat yourself to a day of painting in a light airy studio, with good company and always some laughter and surprises!

‘I always leave class with a whole host of new skills, but more than that I have a new energy and belief in myself to carry forward into my art, my life. If you want to get your artistic mojo back, sign up! I can’t thank you enough’. C.D. 2023

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